Translation, Translation, Translation

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If you enjoy theatre and languages you may, like me, get excited when you’re asked to be involved with the Theatre Festival for European Minority Languages. Saying that, as you may expect, dealing with translating minority languages can be a bit tricky. Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru was invited to take a 15 minute performance to the festival in Bautzen, Germany. Pridd, a one man production by Aled Jones Williams (performed originally by the company in 2013) was the perfect choice and this was the perfect opportunity to use Sibrwd to open…read more


Trying Sibrwd: first time trialling the app

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After months of developing the technology, creating the content, and setting it around the stage production, I had the chance to trial the Sibrwd app during the tour of Y Negesydd in May this year. Following an open invitation, four groups of individuals were selected to trial Sibrwd at four live performances of Caryl Lewis’s new play. Simply put, the purpose of Sibrwd is to allow people who are not fluent in Welsh to enjoy theatre in Welsh. So far, surtitles and synopsis cards have been used but there are…read more

Communication, Communication, Communication

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Sometimes an idea is so simple it’s hard to believe no one else has thought of it. And sometimes when you are at the centre of something it’s hard to know where to start explaining to those on the outside. This is how I feel about Sibrwd at the minute. But I guess the beauty of successful marketing is to convey brand new ideas in a clear and cool way. I’m still laughing about the article in Saturdays Guardian magazine that said a lady in the 1970′s served her newly…read more