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It’s been a little like a geek’s Christmas for a few days at Galactig!
First of all our Ruckus kit arrived. We don’t intend to take any chances with network connection issues with the Sibrwd app so we’ve scoped out a solution using smart wifi technology from Ruckus. From the earliest stages of specification we realised that we shouldn’t rely on patchy wifi connections in theatres or other spaces. It’s also not unusual for there to be no wifi available.
Each production using Sibrwd will benefit from 2 ZoneFlex wireless access points hooked up to a ZoneDirector to create a SmartMesh WLAN. This will ensure robust connectivity for all of Theatr Gen’s needs. An additional outdoor access point provides opportunities for supporting site-specific drama – but which can also be added indoors to add more concurrent users or provide coverage in large spaces.
A box full of iPod Touches also arrived to be loaded up with development ad-hoc builds of the app to be provided to audience members for testing at various productions over the coming months.
As we continue to setup and test the new kit, we’ll provide more updates on the blog.