Sibrwd Day – Y Llwyfan

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I felt that it was time that Galactig and Theatr Gen’s whole team met up to discuss the project, therefore, Sibrwd day was arranged at Y Llwyfan.   Colleagues had heard about the project, but, it was necessary to discuss how Sibrwd would be executed.

In addition to Theatr Gen staff, we also invited Dyfan Jones, the experienced Composer and Sound Designer who designed the sound on our Blodeuwedd production.   This discussion was very important because Galactig the digital platform manufacturers and we as successful theatre producers, but, it was necessary to understand each other’s media requirements.

Whilst one team discussed the technology, another team and I discussed how to create and administrate the focus groups as we trial the platform.   Our research partner, Elin Haf Gruffydd Jones, from Aberystwyth University who unfortunately wasn’t able to be present, will be assisting us with the focus groups.   We also discussed the marketing process – this blog being one!

Although this day was essential, it was also quite a challenge for all.   Sometimes it is necessary for the project to evolve with everyone suggesting ideas and comments before returning to the root of the project.   It was valuable to have everyone’s input, but, it should be reminded that our funding is towards research and development.   We do not have to present a finished platform at the end of the stage, although that is what we hope.   To NESTA and the other funders, the research stage itself is of utmost interest.   The root of Sibrwd, especially during the research stage is to discover a successful way, cost effective which coincides with the artistic vision of enabling access to learners and non-Welsh speakers to Theatr Gen’s work.

This project is very exciting, and the next stage for me is to agree with Elin Haf what exactly the research plan entails and put the paperwork in place.